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Промо код на iphone в екатеринбурге

Многим пользователям очень приглянулся новый музыкальный сервис Apple Music, но в нем есть свои недостатки. Одним из особо тяжелых называют то, что его включили в и без того уже перенасыщенный функционалом медиа-комбайн iTunes. Многие считают, что отдельное приложение Apple Music для OSX было бы значительно удобнее и легче. Сегодня дизайнер Эндрю Амбросино решил показать небольшой и простой концепт будущего приложения. В целом, получилось не плохо, а вам как?

Smoother search with clustering and one source, not two. Why is it that now "My Music" search does result clustering and "Apple Music" search doesn't?

"My Music" was interesting to design. Apple has had a war on the sidebar for several versions of iTunes and even groups playlists in a separate section. This creates two major issues. First, the discoverability and simplicity of switching from song view, artist view, or a playlist is poor. Second, most users don't know you can drag a song into a playlist, since the playlist pane only appears when dragging begins. In trying to visually simplify the UI, Apple just made it more complicated. Here, I've made a few changes. One is a double-level "sidebar" on the left that provides discoverability, speed, and simplicity both in interaction and in visuals. Second point– from this screen, I'm not limited to just my own music.

I've now clicked on a different artist, and the theme is now dark. The Apple Music app provides a deeply immersive experience, letting the artist bring in their own look. The sidebar text automatically changes appearance to match. The popover airplay menu allows me to hand the music control off to my phone (like Spotify) and choose where to play it (like iTunes).

When I want album view, it's one click. The sidebar stays and the content gets replaced. One click, highly discoverable, and still visually elegant.

The "For You" screen. A product addition here is using the day, time, and my habits to offer me what I want to listen to next.

I've been wondering why sharing isn't part of Apple Music. In this concept, my friends can share with me, and I can also check out my friends' public playlists. As Nilay Patel commented on a Verge livestream, "I'm not sure anyone has the emotional tools to navigate an Apple keynote that doesn't involve "The Wire" by Haim, actually."




And a new miniplayer

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