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  1. Это не возможно на данный момент.Там нет программы, которые могут объединить SHSH i IPSW
  2. I try Activator (smolk.myrepospace.com) but this put me in Safemode :/ On which repo is your Activator? Sorry my english not so good, i am from Serbia
  3. I was try smolik's Tethered jailbreak on my i4 32GB (model 3.1) and it's working BiteSMS and Activator dont work (put i4 in Safe mode)... I have: iFile, CCNowPlaying, afc2add, Applist, AppSync 7, Bootstrap, Erica Utilities, HiddenSettings7, Hipstore, Ipa Instaler, Multitaskinggesture, NoAdStoreOpen, OpenSSH, PreferenceLoader, Substrate Safe Mode, SwipeSelection,Wifi Booster.
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